After months of waiting, my book - 25 Awesome Facts About The Coast Guard - is now available on Amazon!

Inside, you'll find 88 pages of cartoons, diagrams, and - obviously - facts about the military branch no one ever remembers. It's the perfect way to prove to your relatives you're not a lifeguard, or mock your Navy friends!

This is a type of book I don't think has ever existed for the Coast Guard - one that tells the story of our service with all the honor, humor, and cynicism that it deserves - all the things that make the service both indispensable and ignored. All the things that make me proud to be a Coastie.

A Disclaimer: I don't speak for or represent the Coast Guard in any way. I'm doing this as a private citizen, as a tribute to my service and the people in it. As such, the opinions expressed here, in my writings, and elsewhere on this site are mine and mine alone. Go Coast Guard.

Photo Credit: Mike Spinelli

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