1. I think your stuff is funny. Can I share with other people who might also think it's funny?

Yes! Please do! You can even share it with people who don't think it's funny. 

Just do me a favor and make sure you include a link back to the site (clawofknowledge.blogspot.com or www.clawofknowledge.com), and that your sharing is non-commercial in nature. (See my Creative Commons license, at the bottom of the right column, for more info).

2. I made your stuff into a t-shirt. I am wearing that t-shirt now. Is that okay?

Yes. Please continue to wear your clothing. As for making t-shirts, posters, mugs, or full-body tattoos, you're welcome to do so in a non-commercial fashion, so long as you follow the guidelines in #1 above

(Also, you can purchase things from the site on my Zazzle store!)

3. Were you in the Coast Guard?

Yes. It's come up a few times.

4. Really?

Yes. Really.

5. Cool.

Pretty much.

6. Do you actually get questions, or is this FAQ just a ploy to make your blog seem popular?

Yes! I mean, yes to the first part. I do actually get questions. If you have any, you can send them to clawofknowledge[at]gmail[dot]com or message me on my Facebook page.

7. How do you make your drawings?

I draw them all in PowerPoint. Turns out all those days I spent making briefs in the military left me with a usable skill. Who knew?

8. So you're not like a for-real artist?

I took art until 8th grade. So I totally am.

9. Why is your site called "The Claw of Knowledge?"

I'm surprised this wasn't higher on the list. Why didn't you ask sooner?

The Claw of Knowledge refers to the claw shape some people bend their fingers into while speaking in public. I did this a lot in college, and after a while, my friends (at least, I think they're my friends) called me out for it.

10. Do you accept donations?

I was really hesitant to include a donate button on my site, so I hid it all the way down here. I enjoy making the Claw of Knowledge, but it does take a lot of time and effort. If you'd like to support the page, you can use the button below.

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