Monday, August 3, 2015

What has the Coast Guard been up to for the last 225 years?

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  1. Three things. There was never a U. S. Revenue Marine Service. This is a fiction. The Revenue Marine was a bureau within the Treasury Department. The name Revenue Marine came about to differentiate it from 1) U. S. Marine Corps, and 2) the commercial marine. It no longer existed as a bureau after 1849. Sumner I. Kimball brought the name back in 1871 because he did not like the officers of the U. S. Revenue Cutter Service -- the official name of the service.

    The Coast Guard has not been part of the War Department. It was either Treasury or Navy Department for war service. The Coast Justice League is a new one for me. Got a reference?

    The "literal" one million lives saved is another fiction created several years ago but there is no numerical or other basis in fact. Even Sumner I. Kimball in his annual reports about the U. S. Life Saving Service (not part of the USRCS or Coast Guard) admitted to creating numbers. It is the fine print in of the tabulations.

    I know they don't teach these thinks at the CGA because no one there studies Coast Guard history.