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That Time A Coast Guard Cutter Escaped The Air Force In Vietnam

The Unwelcome
The Unwelcome Point Welcome

Point Welcome loved her crew, and they loved her back. So much so that they gave her some ink.

Serving in the rivers and shallows of Vietnam, Welcome and her crew were all each other had. So they would do anything for each other.

Welcome had started her life the same as any Coast Guard patrol boat. She plied the waters of the Pacific Northwest in search of drunken boaters and sinking ships, never thinking she’d someday be sent away to war.

But in 1965, everything changed. The U.S. had committed troops to Vietnam and now faced a growing insurgency in the South, fed by weapons smuggled down the coast in fishing boats. These boats would load themselves with several tons of guns and ammo and then – under cover of darkness – speed from international waters to the rivers and coves where they’d meet the Viet Cong.