Saturday, March 25, 2017

Best Cutters of the Best Coast Guard

I've launched a new Kickstarter!

Best Cutters of the Best Coast Guard tells the stories of 13 of the best ships that the Coast Guard ever owned. These boats not only helped shape America as we know it, but fought in every war, went to every continent, and saved thousands upon thousands of lives. They played critical roles in our nation's history and have protected us since the days of George Washington, but no one - not even Coasties - recalls all their names or deeds.
So, I hope to change that - with humor, history, and pictures of ships wearing hats.

It's more important than ever to tell Coast Guard stories.

It's easy for politicians to cut the Coast Guard's budget because they don't know what we do. They think we're lifeguards or mailmen or some offshoot of the Navy. And far too often, even we Coasties don't know enough of our own amazing history explain why we've been so crucial to U.S. history. This means that whenever someone suggests cutting the service's budget, we have nothing in hand to defend ourselves with. And even if we've stopped it for now, every few years, we find ourselves back in the same place: on the brink of elimination, because no one knows what we do.
I don't want that. You don't want that. So let's make another book! Donate to the Kickstarter and reserve your copy now!